William Rowland (1869 – 1870)

William Rowland was the 10th Mayor of Wrexham, He was born on the 2nd May 1822, he was the son of Mr Edward Rowland and Miss Mary Langshaw of Chester. His father was a druggist on High Street in Wrexham, the family established a business in 1810 and it is still being run today as we all know Rowlands the Chemist’s, the business was originally at 42 High Street known as the Golden Padlock, but in 1846 they moved into No 9 High Street, William was the youngest son of the founder and succeeded to the business after the death of his mother. He became a member of the Council soon after the incorporation of the Town in 1857 and remained a member until 1877 and lived at Brooklands, Wrexham Fechan. He passed away on the 25th November 1878 aged 56 years. His son Leonard Bromfield Rowland who followed him in the business became the Mayor of Wrexham during WW1 1915 – 1916 and was also chief magistrate for four years in succession and later received a Knighthood. This was one of the two instances that between 1857 and 1951 that a Father and Son had filled the office of Mayor of Wrexham. Researched by John Davies.
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William Rowland (1869 – 1870)
  • William Rowland (1869 – 1870)

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