MARY ANN BYRNES 1866 - 1922

MARY ANN BYRNES 1866 - 1922 Mary Ann Dickinson was born in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire in 1866, she was the daughter of William Dickinson and Mary Fallon. Her father was a Sergeant Major with the 3rd Staffordshire militia. Her mother Mary had been born in Tipperary and had married William Dickinson in 1856 at Portsea Island, he was probably based there at the time. Her father William died in 1878 aged 54. Mary Ann was a pupil teacher at the age of 14, and by 1891 she had qualified and now was a school teacher, she was still living in Newcastle with her mother. In 1892 Mary Ann married William Vincent Byrnes in West Derby. William Vincent was no stranger to Wrexham even though he had been born in Liverpool. His parents were John William Byrnes and Anne Bolton who had married in 1863. In 1871 when he was 6 years old, he was living in 5 Lambpit Street, with his parents and 3 younger siblings. His father was a book deliverer and publishers agent. They were in Newcastle under Lyme for a while and by 1891 the family were in Everton, John William and two of his sons were book binders, the other two were printer’s compositors, the two other children were daughters and both in the dressmaking trade. William Vincent and Mary Ann moved to Wrexham and in 1901 they were living in 7 Albert Street, William Vincent was a bookbinder, they had 2 daughters Mary aged 6 and Norah Margaret aged 2 who were both born in Wrexham. Mary Ann`s mother Mary Dickinson was with them. While they were there they had another daughter Eileen Margaret who was born in 1900, but she died at the age of 7 months. They later moved to 39 Bradley Road where Mary Ann`s mother died in December 1904 aged 70. Norah Margaret died in 1909, she was just 10. In 1911 they are still at the same address and William Vincent was now the district manager for the Royal Liverpool Friendly Society, only Mary aged 16 and another child Teresa Josephine aged 8 are at home. Mary Ann died at 25 Grosvenor Road in October 1922 aged 54, she was buried with her mother and two of her daughters. William Vincent continued to live at “Olinda” 25 Grosvenor Road where he died on 5 March 1934. He was buried in a nearby grave. He had made a will and probate was granted to Mary Byrnes his eldest daughter. His effects were worth £1256 8s 7d. Mary and Teresa were still unmarried in 1939; they are living together in 48 Highlands Road, Portslade by Sea in Sussex. Mary is a shorthand typist and Teresa is doing domestic duties. They are found again in 1950; when they are both in Dorset Road, Windsor and are still there in 1955. Mary died in 1960 in Hailsham, she was 64, Teresa Josephine died aged 93 in 1995, she was living in Eastbourne. Both never married so there are no descendants of William Vincent and Mary Ann Byrnes. Researched by Annette Edwards. December 2018. Gravestone photographs by Graham Lloyd. B-00533 MARY A. BYRNES, DIED OCT 10, 1922. AGED 54 YEARS. ALSO EILEEN M. BYRNES, DIED AUG 14, 1900. AGED 7 MONTHS. ALSO NORAH M. BYRNES, DIED APRIL 6, 1909. AGED 10 YEARS. 1899 ALSO MARY DICKINSON, DIED DEC 10, 1904. AGED 71 YEARS. WCBC Online info BYORNES EILEEN M 1901 7M 7 ALBERT STREET 4367 20/03/1901 00533 b 1900 DICKINSON MARY 1904 70 39 BRADLEY RD 5596 14/12/1904 00533 b 1834 BYRNES NORA MARGARET 1909 10 39 BRADLEY RD 7006 20/04/1909 00533 b 1899 BRYNES MARY ANN 1922 54 25 GROSVENOR ROAD 12021 13/10/1922 00533 b 1868
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Wrexham Cemetery
MARY ANN BYRNES 1866 - 1922
  • MARY ANN BYRNES 1866 - 1922

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