JONATHAN BOUND 1854 – 1888

JONATHAN BOUND 1854 – 1888 Jonathan Bound was born in 1854 in St Harmon, close to Rhayader, Radnorshire, he was the son of Sarah Bound but his father is unknown. He was brought up by his mother and grandmother Mary Bound, by 1871 Sarah had married a Mr Evans, but she and Jonathon were still with Mary living in a farm called “California” in St Harmon. Jonathan became a police officer by 1881; he may have been influenced by his step sister who had married a policeman. He moved to Wrexham and was a boarder in Holt Street with the Williams family. Poor Jonathan had some tough cases to deal with, especially in 1882. In April he was one of the officers who were called out to deal with riots caused by the miners’ strike at the Westminster Colliery, they couldn’t control it and later that night the whole of the Wrexham constabulary left their headquarters for the scene. “At eight o'clock the police were besieged by the mob, who were greatly excited and riotous. The constables made their way into the offices to the colliery manager, Mr Harrop, when the crowd surrounded them, endeavouring to take the place by storm. Information was at once sent to the authorities at Wrexham, requesting that the military should be dispatched to the rescue. The siege went on, and preparations were made to blow the offices up with gunpowder. A number of policemen were cut and injured and are to-day off duty. Constable Bound received a wound in the forehead which required medical attention.” In July 1882 he seems to have had enough. Some excitement was caused in Wrexham on Sunday owing to the disappearance of Police Constable Bound, of Wrexham Borough Police Force. It appears the officer should have gone on duty at nine in the morning but did not put in an appearance. A search was made, but without success, until a letter was found at his lodgings in which it was stated that he would never return to Wrexham. He must have returned because in September 1882 he was in the news again. At the Wrexham police-court on Friday, a disorderly woman named Jane Owen, described as the greatest nuisance in the town, was charged with assaulting Police-constable Bound on the previous night, Prisoner was behaving in a most disgusting manner in High-street, and when the officer endeavored to move her on, she turned upon him, bit him in the arm, struck him in the eye, and kicked and worried like (as the chairman remarked) a wild beast . She was sentenced to a month's imprisonment. In August 1883 he was in Ruthin, dealing with the drunk and disorderly there. At the Board of guardians meeting concerning The Inspector of Vagrants, Mr Clark said that Inspector Humphreys had ceased to act in the above capacity, and that Sergeant Bound had carried on the work since the 11th July. Sergeant Bound would be leaving Ruthin at the end of the month and a successor must be found, the salary was £5 a year. Jonathan was still in Ruthin later in September when he was called to investigate reported cases of foot and mouth. He was criticised because he had not reported the cases had he known they were suffering from the disease. Jonathan came back to Wrexham and in later years he was called to deal with the many cases of theft, violence and drunkenness in the town, his death was announced in the newspapers, “May 17th, aged 34, at 12, Holt-street, Wrexham, P.S. Jonathan Bound.” Jonathan was buried in Wrexham Cemetery on 19 May 1888 HENRY WILLIAMS c 1840 – 1900 SARAH WILLIAMS C 1843 - 1904 Henry Williams was born about 1840 in the Bodfari area, in 1851 he is in Pandy, Bodfari he is 16 and an apprentice cabinet maker. He is living with his parents, John born Llandyrnog aged 54, a farmer of 8 acres, and his mother Cecilia Anne who is 60 and was born in Bodfari. Also, there is John Hodges a gardener aged 50 he is John`s brother in law and also born Bodfari, so we can guess that Cecilia Anne was a Hodges as well. This is confirmed by the will of Ellinor Hodges dated 1837; she is of Pandy, Bodfari. She leaves £20 to her daughter Cecilia Anne Williams. In total she left over £85, silver spoons and gold watch to her various children; she could also sign her own name. Henry was still with his parents in Pandy in 1861 and he was now a joiner. Cecilia Anne Williams aged 79 died in late 1870. It seems that Pandy was the family home for many years. Henry Williams married Sarah Williams in Wrexham in early 1868 in a civil marriage. Their first son Robert Henry was born in 1869 and in 1871 they are living in 9 Holt Street, Henry 29 is a wheelwright, and was born in Henllan, Sarah 28 was born in Llansilin Denbighshire. By 1881 they have moved to 12 Holt Street and they have another child, Mary Jane who was born in 1876, now they only have one lodger, a police officer aged 27, Jonathon Bound. Sarah`s birthplace is now given as Oswestry. They stayed at that address for at least another 10 years, Henry is still a joiner but again Sarah’s birthplace has changed to Llangedwyn. Both their children are still at home. Henry Williams died aged 60 on 30 March 1900 at 9 Regis Place, his death was announced in the Wrexham Advertiser. He had made a will and left effects of £1482 4s, so he had done quite well. Sarah died aged 61 in November 1904, she was living at 47 Edward Street. Both Henry and Sarah are buried with their lodger Jonathan Bound. Researched by Annette Edwards. November 2018. Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery H-02155.
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JONATHAN BOUND 1854 – 1888

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