Horses to pull the hearse

The undertakers on Poyser Street had horses to pull the hearse, the fire station also used these horses to pull the fire engine when there was a fire. There was a bell in the stables, when it went off the groom would let the horses out and they knew to go to the fire station on their own. By the time they were hitched up to the fire engine and got to the fire the pump would have enough steam to pump the water out. It was embarrassing if they arrived too soon and had to wait for the boiler to steam up. I remember seeing an old fire Station log book with entries like "Brigade did not attend due to horses at a funeral" on entry indicated "telegram arrived, Fire at Bersham Hall Farm, brigade did not attend, non subscribing Parish!!" Apparently each Parish were expected to contribute a certain sum, depending on the considered risk in the area. Brymbo paid a larger sum due to the Steel Works. Parishes that were mainly rural did not pay, as there were too few properties to make it economical.
Story added by Mel E
Wrexham Cemetery

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