Family-run Post Office for 85 years

The Post Office which was originally called CAE SIAC STORES was started by my grandfather, Mr. Frederick Davies, who was appointed as Sub- Postmaster on 2nd December 1901. A sub- Postmaster is paid in accordance with the amount of business he does, the more customers he has the more he gets paid. In 1904, my grandfather received a massive pay increase of over £4 per year and this was the result of many houses being built in the area, particularly in Alexandra Road and Empress Road, this meant more people were using the facilities of the Post office. Mr. Davies died on September 4th 1935 but was ill for a few years before that having suffered a stroke. He was succeeded as Sub-postmaster by my Grandmother Agnes Davies. She ran the Post Office and stores until approximately 1947 when she handed over to her son-in-law, my father, Ted Jones who was appointed as Sub-Postmaster having left the R.A.F. at the end of the Second World War. He ran the business together with my mother Madge. In 1975 my father retired as sub-Postmaster and my mother was appointed to succeed him and at the same time they decided to give up the grocery side of the business and to continue with the post office only. My Mother retired in 1986 and the Post office was sold to Andrew Forrester thus ending a business, which had been run by the same family for almost 85 years. The Post Office was closed down in July 2003 having been a major part of the community for nearly 102 years.
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