Alexandra Road

Named after Princess Alexandra, wife of the then Prince of Wales (he was later to become King Edward VII). Miss Dilys Edwards, who lived at 40 Alexandra Road, had a cart and used to deliver milk. People would take out a jug and it would be filled there and then. Mr. Len Whitehead lived at no. 38 and he was a coal merchant. The off license was once a dairy owned by a family called Weaver. They sold all sorts of goods and made their own ice-lollies made with milk; very popular with the children. No. 10 was a musical household. Mr. Richards used to teach the piano and his wife taught singing lessons for many years. There were many local teachers who lived in this Street; Mr. Brown was Headmaster of the National School on Poplar Road (now St. Giles), he lived at no. 42. He has two daughters Carole and Elizabeth.
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