Cemetery Heritage

Wrexham Cemetery

Wrexham Cemetery opened in 1876 on a plot once known as Cae’r Cleifion or The Field of the Sick. 37,000 people have been laid to rest here and the Cemetery is now full. Further burials are only permitted in existing plots.

The whole Cemetery, including the chapels, lodge, gates and railings, is Grade II listed and protected for its special historic interest. As you explore the Cemetery you will find part of Wat’s Dyke, a scheduled ancient monument. This 40-mile earthwork roughly follows the border between England and Wales, from the Dee Estuary to Maesbury in Shropshire. The route of the Dyke through the Cemetery marks the original western boundary.

One mystery yet to be solved is that of the tall bright red chimney beside Bersham Road. Will anyone discover when and why it was built?

Thanks to the investment made by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Wrexham Cemetery with its important buildings and beautiful landscape will be enjoyed by future generations.